Bruno Coelho vence na Classe de 4wd no EOS

Great weekend! TQ and 1st place in 4WD and 3rd place in 2WD! An amazing weekend at Hudy Arena with a friendly atmosphere and a lot of fun with the people. My cars worked very well all weekend just some off road inexperience cost me a better place in 2WD.

Our 2WD is working very well and I was surprised with the improvements and I can say that my car was able to manage the win but I just drove very bad in the finals. Any way it was much better than the other times and I will be stronger for the next race for sure!

The 4WD no comments that’s a beast like always.

I was also super happy to take a look around and see how many people was driving Hobbywing in this EOS. I feel super proud to see our hard work growing up so fast.

I want to say thank you to all Xray Team for the all help and support during this race and a special thanks to Martin Bayer and Kája Novotný for all help and friendship.

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