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Novos diferenciais Kyosho IF494 / IF495

Yuichi  Kanai lendário piloto / engenheiro da Kyosho anunciou novo 2 novos set’s de diferenciais para a série MP9 . o primeiro set destina-se para a frente e traseira do chassi. Os satelites e planetários são feitos de duro aluminio 7075, reduzindo peso e mantendo o oleo limpo por mais tempo. O sengundo set é para o diferencial central com a oportunidade de escolher o numero de dentes da cremalheira 46T/47T/48T .

JQRacing procura pilotos para 2018

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2017 is almost over and drivers are looking forward to the upcoming 2018 racing season. JQ Racing too! Joseph Quagraine and his team want to growing up and for that purpose they looking for drivers to join their team. Please read this statement and make your choise 😉

“2017 is almost over and drivers are looking forward to the upcoming 2018 racing season. We too at JQRacing are doing the same and we are 100% positive 2018 will be even better and more exciting for our drivers, supporters and JQRacing as well. Our goal still remains to bring the best possible racing platforms, one on one support and also to create regional teams that look good on and off the track and have fun while doing it. We also want to get our products to every track possible.

We are looking for drivers who share the same passion and are looking to be a part of a fun and supportive team. Every person that chooses to use our products are a part of the JQRacing Familia. With that being said we know drivers will be making the decision to switch brands over the winter and start fresh in 2018. JQRacing is looking for you!!!!!!

If you are interested in being a part of one of the coolest fastest growing teams in off road RC, if you want to be a part of a team where you will get support personally from the owner and designer as well as everyone involved in JQRacing, if you want to be involved in a team and not just another number then JQ Racing is for you. THECars are awesome the support is great the passion is unlimited and we want you to join in on the journey.

If you are interested in being on the JQRacing Team please send us your CV/Resumes or contact us personally and talk to us. We are looking for drivers that are passionate, believe in our products and want to have fun while representing JQRacing. Let’s make 2018 the year of JQRacing!!

Against The Odds

We Do What We Want So Should You!!!

Contact us, and remember to include pictures:

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