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Novo Combustivel da XTR – Shoot Fuel

We are glad to present our new project, RC Fuel!

SHOOT FUEL has been developed after years of experience in the sector and months of testing of the XTR drivers, in which they have been added the best raw materials in the market for their production.

Shoot Fuel offer optimal care of our engines in winter as well as summer, an optimization of the power and durability in their deposits. Shoot Fuel is available for Off-Road/On-Road, Helicopter, and Aircraft.

Novos Diferenciais Mugen

Coming Soon!! Mugen Seiki HT Differentials
Mugen Seiki Racing is proud to announce the all-new High Traction Differential! The Mugen Seiki HTD provides increased acceleration, longer runtime, and more consistent handling. The HTD’s are available for the front, center, and rear of the MBX7R, MBX7TR, MGT7, MBX7R Eco, MBX7TR Eco, and MGT7 Eco. The HTD’s will even fit in older Mugen Seiki models.

The High Traction Differentials will increase stability, traction and allow you to run slightly lighter diff fluid compared to the current differentials to help improve handling in bumpy conditions. The HTD has a new larger volume diff cup to increase consistency during long main events. This makes it easier to time rhythm sections, better in bumpy and low grip conditions, helps to increase traction, and increases fuel mileage.

-Increased acceleration.
-Increased traction.
-More consistent throughout long finals.
-Increased fuel mileage.
-Improved conical gear.
-Tunable for all track conditions and Mugen Seki vehicles.