Taça de Portugal 1:8 TT Combustão e Elétricos

Staff e Direção de Prova
Diretor Prova – Paulo Fidalgo
Árbitro – Aires Gaio/Marco Simões
Cronometragem – José Oliveira
Verificações Técnicas – Rui Cruz / Tiago Gomes




HORÁRIO do Evento

Sábado: Julho- 01 : Abertura das Instalações :14,00horas

:14,30h – Inicio Treinos Livres

:18,00h – Fim dos Treinos Livres / Fecho da Pista

Domingo: Julho- 02 : Abertura das Instalações : 8,00 horas

9,00h – Qualificações

13,30h – Sub-Finais

16,00h – Final

17,30h – Entrega de Prémios / Fecho das instalações

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Dica para os links de acelarador da TLR “Deadband”

TLR Blog Update from JR Mitch:

Throttle linkage and dead band

Hello everyone,

Well we’re back from the Roar Fuel Nationals and ready for this week’s blog post. First off, I want to give a shout out to thank Frank Root for covering last week’s blog post as I was on the road at the nationals. This week I would like to give everyone a little insight on what I do with my TLR 8IGHT 4.0 and TLR 8IGHT T 4.0 throttle linkage and why the dead band is needed. This is mostly needed so the carburetor stays shut under chassis flex. Picture one shows no dead band at all and the carburetor can still open under chassis flex. Picture two shows 1mm of dead band which can still leave the carburetor open under chassis flex. Picture three shows 2mm’s of dead band which is what’s needed for keeping the carburetor closed under chassis flex.