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XRAY Column #49 – RX8 – What? How? When?

Coluna nº 49 do sr. Juraj Hudy.
Neste numero Hudy mostra-nos uma retrospectiva do passado. A luta pelo o sucesso e as tecnologias alcançáveis durante o período comunista que decorria no seu pais (Czechoslovakia). Os dias  em que era fornecedor de homocineticos para a Serpent, e o que originou a profissionalizar-se como construtor de chassi’s da Marca Xray!

Part I
The summer season is over, the indoor season has started running, and we are waiting for the last World Championship of the season – the Off-road Worlds in Thailand. With a bit of free time in our time schedule I have finally found the time to tell you about XRAY’s all-new ride. You have probably already seen the RX8 intro on the Internet. After the launch of the promotion, we have been bombarded with an unbelievable amount of e-mails, phone calls, questions, and close attention from the public.

The RX8 is my new 1/8 on-road nitro baby that I have been working since 2009. To jump forward to the part that everyone has been waiting for – our plan is to release the RX8 at the Nürnberg show and be ready for the upcoming 2011 World Championship. It has been a very long way to come to get to this point.

Now that I have been now thinking about all those days, there is a lot of nostalgia for me. To give you a bit of the inside scoop behind the entire RX8 background and my love for 1/8 on-road cars, I need to go back many years.

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